Rider Scrubbers


Windsor® Chariot™ 3 iScrub 26 Stand-On - 26", 234AH AGM

Design with the Aqua-Mizer system to increase productivity while reducing water and chemical consumption. Brushes: 2 x 13"; Brush motor: 2 x 0.5 hp. Drive motor: 36 volt DC motor; Vacuum motor: 0.63 hp.  ea
Alternate #98411480

Viper AS710R™ Rider Scrubber - 28"

Easy to use, one touch scrubbing and simple dash layout. Four solution flow rates for a variety of applications. Brush motor: 2 x 300W; Vacuum motor: 3 stages, 500W. Brush/Pad pressure: 77 lb.; Brush speed: 204 rpm. Battery: (4) 6 V 245 AH AGM; Onboard charger.  ea
Alternate #50000318

Clarke® RA40™ Micro Rider Scrubbers

SmartFlow™ solution control system. Excellent maneuverability. Intuitive design for minimal training. Dashboard with digital display placed in the steering wheel. Large operator seat and wide space for legs for all different users. Intuitive icon buttons for vacuum, brush rotation and water/detergent flow. Chemical mixing system gives full control over detergent use making possible to use chemicals only when really needed. Water and chemical flow can be changed while working according to floor conditions. Fast installation and removal of squeegee blades. The small profile design provides full sightline visibility, a short turning radius and the ability to clean in tight spaces. Tank Capacities: 18.5 Gal.; Voltage: 24 V. Brush motor: 0.6 hp; Drive motor: 0.6 hp.

Viper AS530R™ Micro Rider Scrubber - 20", 130 AH Wet

Cleans tiled floors, vinyl, sealed wood, marble, concrete and other surfaces. Easy to use mechanical lift systems for brush deck and squeegee. Rear mounted hook to hang squeegee assembly. 30" squeegee allows passage through most doorways. Front bumper, strong main frame and heavy-duty aluminum squeegee. On-board charger, pad driver and brushes included. User-friendly dashboard with intuitive display and buttons. Ergonomic seat with integral safety switch. 69 dB A enabling daytime cleaning. Brush/Pad pressure: 51 lbs.; Brush motor: 0.6 hp, 450 W. Vacuum motor: 0.5 hp, 400 W; Drive motor: 0.4 hp, 300 W.  ea
Alternate #56385072

Clarke® Focus® II MicroRider™ w/Boost® - 28", 242AH

SafetyGlide™ scrub deck ensures quality cleaning results with 100% water pick-up. Super quiet with two sound levels, standard and quiet mode. Compact and maneuverable with a 59" turning radius. Large tank opening with debris catch cage and squeegee hanger. Brush motor: 0.75 hp; Vacuum motor: 0.56 hp. Airflow: 55.3 CFM; Waterlift: 57"; Machine voltage: 24VDC.  ea
Alternate #56382630

Windsor® Chariot™ 3 iScrub 26 Stand-On - 26", 205 AH

EcoMode and EcoPlus mode (great for grouted areas) increases productive cleaning time by offering a quieter, less intrusive "day cleaning" mode. Auto-adjust squeegee. Maintenance friendly scrub deck. Clear, simple control panel significantly reduces training time and produces more consistent results. Design with the Aqua-Mizer system to increase productivity while reducing water and chemical consumption. Drive motor: 36 volt DC motor; Vacuum motor: 0.63 hp.  ea
Alternate #98411470

Windsor® Chariot™ iScrub 20X Deluxe Stand-Up Scrubbers

With a lower investment cost, higher production rate and simplicity of maintenance, the Chariot iScrub 20 meets and exceeds all expectations with up to 58% operational savings versus competitively sized walk-behind scrubbers. Designed with Windsor's Chariot Patented Stand-On Cleaning Technology that significantly increases productivity and cleaning quality. Swiveling no-adjustment squeegee, with Aqua-Mizer™ functionality that ensures 100% water pick up for dry, safe floors. Design and size that provides remarkable maneuverability, and best-in-industry 360° visibility that allows the operator to see more of the cleaning area. Intuitive control panel with two transport speeds and two operating speeds, and an easy-to-clean, fully accessible hygienic recovery tank. Quiet operation for daytime cleaning. Simple, intuitive control panel for easy operator training and use. External fill-port provides easier access to fill solution and water. Brush motor: .33 hp; Brush speed: 180 rpm. Vacuum motor: 2 stage, .63 hp. Electrical system: 36V, 3 x 130 AH.