Square Scrub Doodle® Scrub

Item # 30021400-EA

  • Perfect for cleaning and preparing floors around toilets, bathroom stalls and similar tight spaces where larger machines can't reach.
  • Motor: 4100 rpm, .33 hp; Cord: 30' 18 gauge
  • Amp draw: 1.2 amps
  • Includes carry strap and handle trigger
Alternate #EBG-9
  • Description

This machine has a 2-position clip on handle, which can be attached to the end or middle of the base. Available pads: Tile & Grout pad, blue driver, white driver, SHO pad, SQP pad, white pad, Xtreme Sponge. Also great for cleaning stairs, VCT, tile & grout, rubberized flooring, and much, much more. Created and designed specifically for those out of reach areas that our bigger Square Scrub machines can't reach. Square Scrub's NEW patent pending EBG-9 handle innovation gives you not just ONE but TWO ways to attach the handle to the base, giving this machine and its user maximum VERSATILITY2®.