Windsor® iCapsol IM17 Mini Carpet Cleaner - 17"

Windsor® iCapsol IM17 Mini Carpet Cleaner - 17"

Item # 3002046-EA

  • Productively clean and freshen up carpet surfaces with less effort. Uses Windsor Red Carpet iCapsol Encapsulation Interim Cleaning Chemicals.
  • 15.25" D x 45.5" Handle Height x 6" Deck Height x 18" W
  • 0.5 hp (370 watts) motor
  • 470 rpm brush speed
17", ea
Alternate #98403020

Low moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning process removes soil while improving the overall carpet appearance; carpet dries in about 20 minutes while reducing water and detergent consumption.


  • Unique brush system features two counter-rotating brushes to effectively clean and agitate both sides of the carpet nap.
  • Counter-rotating brushes lift and groom the carpet pile, while the debris bin catches soil and debris.
  • Streamlined, compact design makes it easier for the operator to clean in congested areas.


  • Brush Length: 2 x 16" offset counter-rotating, pile-lifting brushes
  • Brush Diameter: 3.5"
  • Brush Material & Pattern: Nylon, 12 row chevron pattern, special bristle trim
  • Housing/Handle & Base: Impact-resistant plastic housing, aluminum handle and base
  • Wheels: 3", gray non-marking
  • Power Cable: 40"
  • Power Relay: Prevents unintentional start-up
  • Cord Wrap: Easy wrap cord/release system
  • Operating Height: Variable to fit operator, handle floats for operator comfort
  • Pump Up Sprayer Holder: Specially designed strap, rubber material secures sprayer
  • Debris Bin: Easy to remove, no tools, slides out
  • Brush Removal: No tools, easy removal
  • Weight: 36 lbs.