Flitz® Instant Brass & Copper Tarnish Remover - 16 oz.

Flitz® Instant Brass & Copper Tarnish Remover - 16 oz.

Item # 04001806-BT

  • Instantly removes heavy tarnish without rubbing.
  • Use indoors or out
  • Natural organic salts formula. Acid free.
  • Safer than traditional acid-based cleaners
  • Not for chrome or patina finishes
  • Tarnish and oxidation disappear like magic! Nothing works faster, easier or better
  • Coverage: 400 sq. ft.
16 oz., 12/cs
Alternate #BC-01806

Just spray and rinse. Product will continue to work on the surface until rinsed. You MUST rinse the surface with water after application and neutralize the formula to prevent and encroachment on the surface itself. After the surface is cleaned you must follow up with a polish or wax to keep it from quickly re-tarnishing. Please note: This product is a tarnish/oxidation remover only. It is not a polish.


  • Not for chrome or patina finishes. If you have an oil-rubbed faucet or hand-hammered copper sink that has had an artificial patina applied, DO NOT use this product on it. This product will remove the patina!
  • Safe on: Glass, aluminum, painted surfaces, fiberglass, porcelain, brass and copper.
  • Instantly Removes: Heavy tarnish, rust and corrosion, calcium deposits and stains, heavy oxidation, water spots and stains.
  • Easy to Use: Spray full strength onto surface, wait up to 1 minute (DO NOT LET DRY), rinse well with water, for severe encrustation, repeat and agitate with a brush.