Flitz® Instant Calcium Rust & Lime Remover - 16 oz.

Item # 04001606-BT

  • Quickly and easily removes even the crustiest of stains, deposits and build-up. Made of organic salt, it is safer and easier to use than traditional cleaners.
  • Recommended for removal of hard water spots and rust stains
16 oz., ea
Alternate #CR-01606
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Use on glass, plastic and acrylics, aluminum, fiberglass, tile, stainless steel, brass, copper, painted surfaces and enamel finishes. Instantly removes hardwater spots, encrusted calcium/lime deposits, heavy green tarnish, heavy oxidation, rust, corrosion, grease, oil, water stains, soap scum build up. NOT for use on marble, some granite, Jura, travertine and terrazzo.