Upright Vacuum


Clarke® CarpetMaster Upright Vacuums

Designed with the benefits of a dual motor vacuum. 1350 watts of total cleaning power optimally allocated to driving the brush and vacuum independently. The result is a one-pass cleaning capability which saves up to 20% in cleaning time. The brush stops turning when the operator is detail cleaning with the wand and tools. Quick-draw detail wand with secure easy-access tools. Bright, prominent bag light alerts the operator to change the bag or check for clogs. Vacuum Motor: 120V, 60 Hz, 1000 watt, 9 amp, 2 stage. Brush Motor: 120V, 60 Hz, 350 watt. Suction (water lift)/airflow: 92"/ 93 cfm.

Windsor® Sensor S2 HEPA Upright Vacuum - 12"

The market leaders in cleaning performance and reliability. HEPA final stage filtration is standard for optimal indoor air quality. These quiet and lightweight vacuums are built for daytime cleaning in noise-sensitive environments. Roll-free brush-strip replacement. Simple to service with a tool-free power cord replacement. All electronics are located in the base of the unit, eliminating wear on swivels and connectors. Dual-stage filtration provides cleaner air to the filter, extending the life up to 200-300 hours and saving you time and money. HEPA filter comes standard. Air flow rate: 105 cfm; Brush motor: 1.6 hp. Brush speed: 2700 rpm; Max. power rating: 1230 W.  ea
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Clarke® CarpetMaster® 115 Single Motor Vacuum - 14.5"

Clarke's CarpetMaster® 12" and 15" single-motor upright vacuums deliver affordable quality along with a high level of cleaning performance with its exceptional dirt pick-up and filtration. A full complement of tools and user-friendly design features makes the CarpetMaster® easy to use and maintain. Industry-leading design delivers exceptional dirt pick-up and edge cleaning, allowing for one pass cleaning and greater staff productivity. Vacuum motor: 120V, 60 Hz, 1000 W, 9 amp, 2-stage. Waterlift: 92"; Airflow: 93 cfm; Brush speed: 2800 rpm. Power cable: 50', 18/3 wire, safety yellow.  ea
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Rubbermaid® 12" Automatic Power Height Upright Vacuum

Combine powerful motors and wide cleaning paths for efficient cleaning of high-traffic areas. 1.8 HP dual motor provides one pass cleaning. 67.7 dBA. CRI Seal of Approval.  ea
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Rubbermaid® 12" Manual Height Upright Vacuum

Combine powerful motors and wide cleaning paths for efficient cleaning of high-traffic areas. 1.8 HP dual motor vacuum provides one pass cleaning. 40' heavy-duty detachable extension cord. Electric brush roll jam sensor. Visual light indicators.  ea
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Sanitaire® SC5815 HEPA Upright Vacuum

Improve the indoor air quality while vacuuming. Includes a washable HEPA filter that captures dust and allergen particles down to .3 microns in size. 12" L x 15" W x 44" H. Motor: 10 amp; Cleaning path: 15". Dust capacity: 4.45 dry qt.  ea
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Sanitaire® SC688 Upright Vacuum - 12"

This dependable workhorse is CRI Green Label certified to provide a premium filtration level. Disposable dust bag system. 50' power cord. 7 amp; 840 watts; 145 CFM. Dust capacity: 6.1 dry qts. Easy access dual zipper bag.  ea
Alternate #SC688

Rubbermaid® Manual Height Upright Vacuum - 15" Black

Combine powerful motors and wide cleaning paths for efficient cleaning of high-traffic areas. Supports day and night cleaning. 1.8 hp dual motor vacuum provides one pass cleaning. CRI Seal of Approval. Under 70 dBA quality.  ea
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Eureka® The Boss High Performance Upright Vacuum - 12"

Top performance at an affordable price. 2 motor system and on-board tools. 20' power cord. 5 amps.  ea
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Sanitaire® SC679 Shake Out Bag Upright

It's the lightweight made for heavy-duty cleaning. This 12 lb. upright features a shake-out bag system. U.L. listed. Bag capacity: 18 dry qt.; Cleaning path: 12". Motor: 5 amp, 600 watts, 120 CFM; Cord length: 30'. True balance, double ball bearing brushroll.  ea
Alternate #SC679

Sanitaire® SC887 Dust Cup Upright

The quick release latch system allows the dust cup to pivot away from the bag making it easy to empty. UL listed for commercial use. Cleaning path: 12"; 50' cord length. Motor: 7 amp, 840 watts; 145 CFM. Dust capacity: 1.9 dry qt.  ea
Alternate #SC887

Sanitaire® SC684 Shake Out Bag Upright

Continuous, deep cleaning every time. Its 7 amp long-life motor and ball bearing steel brush roll combine to create a powerful workhorse. Motor: 7 amp, 840 watts, 145 CFM. Bag capacity: 18 dry qt.; Cleaning path: 12". Power cord: 50'; 79 dB sound level at operator.  ea
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Sanitaire® SC886 Shake Out Bag Upright

Can handle a huge 18 quart volume. High capacity ability with reengineered, long-life motor that is built to last for many years. Motor: 7 amp, 840 watts, 145 CFM. Cleaning path: 12"; UL listed for commercial use. Dust capacity: 18 dry qt.; Power cord: 50'.  ea
Alternate #SC886

Sanitaire® Commercial Upright Vacuum w/Micron

Make fast work of cleaning in tight spots. A compact design plus on-board tools keep you in control. Cleaner Height: 45.5". 12" cleaning width. 30' power cord.  ea
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Sanitaire® SC888 Upright Vacuum

Designed with the exclusive Quick Kleen® feature that allows for easy access to the fan chamber. CRI Green Label certified. Provides a premium filtration level.; 50' cord length. 7 amp motor; Disposable dust bag; Motor CFM: 145. Dust capacity: 6.1 dry qt.; 12" cleaning path; 79 dB.  ea
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16"" Sanitaire 7.0amp No Headlights

Arm & Hammer™ Odor Elimination—Sanitaire® with Arm & Hammer™ introduces a new line of vacuum bags that eliminate odors caused by mold, bacteria and fungi while capturing fine allergen size dust particles—a combination ideal for the commercial cleaning... EACH
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Sanitaire® SC5845B Quiet Clean HEPA Upright Vacuum

Offers the ultimate in bagless filtration with its clean-air system. Includes a washable HEPA filter that captures dust and allergen particles. 69 dB per ASTM. 40' power cord; Clog resistant tools on board. Motor: 10 amp; Cleaning path: 15"; Extra large dirt cup. Dust capacity: 3.5 dry qt.; CRI Green Label certified.  ea
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Sanitaire® SC9180 Quiet Clean® Upright Vacuum

Durable, versatile, easy-to-use and easy to maintain. Two-motor system. Convenient attachments make carpet, bare floor and above the floor cleaning effortless. 11.5 amps; 119 CFM, 50' quick change cord. 4 dry quart dust capacity, disposable dust bag. Sealed HEPA filtration, 9' reinforced stretch hose.  ea
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Sanitaire® SC5713 Quiet Clean Upright Vacuum

With the benefits of a clean-air system combined with the ultimate in filtration this bagged unit is made to clean. CRI Green Label certified. Clog resistant tools on board; Sealed HEPA filtration. Motor: 10 amp; Cleaning path: 13"; 40' cord; 69 dB. Dust capacity: 4.5 dry qt.; 3:1 stretch hose; 135 CFM.  ea
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Sanitaire® SC689 Dust Cup Upright

It's the lightweight made for heavy-duty cleaning. This 12 lb. upright has an easy access dirt cup system that makes cleaning quick and efficient. Motor: 5 amp, 600 watts; 120 CFM. Dust cup capacity: 1.9 dry qt.; Cord length: 30'. Cleaning path: 12".  ea
Alternate #SC689

Sanitaire® SC889 Quiet Clean Upright Vacuum

Our powerful work horse, the traditional upright model brings with it decades of proven performance with new innovative features. 7 amp; synthetic media filtration; dual zipper dust bag. Cleaning path: 12"; 145 CFM motor; 840 watts. Dust capacity: 6.1 dry qt.; 50' quick change cord; 69 dB.  ea
Alternate #SC889B

Sanitaire® SC9050B Vacuum Cleaner - 12"

By utilizing high-strength magnesium, Sanitaire was able to incorporate components that are 75% lighter than steel and 33% lighter than aluminum. Anti-corrosion and mechanical properties. 5 amps of power; 30' power cord; CRI Green Label™. Disposable dust bag 6.6 dry quarts; Motor CFM: 120.  ea
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Windsor® Sensor XP Upright Vacuums

Available 12" to 18". The Sensor is the only vacuum to offer superior upright vacuuming technology that protects itself from operator neglect. 2-stage, 1.6 hp, 1200 watt, 90" waterlift, 105 cfm airflow. 99.97% at 0.3 microns, 76"[2] filtration area. 120 volt, 60 cycle.

Windsor® Sensor® S Upright Vacuum

High efficiency filtration traps 99.6% of contaminants down to 0.3 microns for improved indoor air quality. Power, reliability, value - with 41% more cleaning power. Vac Motor: High performance,2-stage, 1.6 hp, 1200 watts,90". Brush Speed: 5400 brush contacts per minute, 2700 rpm. Dust Bag: Triple layer w/323"[3] enclosed, top-loading.

Windsor® Versamatic® Commercial Upright Vacuums

For years, the Versamatic vacuum has provided cleaning professionals with the cleaning performance and dependability they need to do their job. Versamatic's 1,000 watt vacuum motor and long, trouble-free service life have made this vacuum the most popular 2-motor upright in the cleaning industry. In a single pass, 1000 watt vacuum motor and separate brush motor allow you to clean deep into the carpet and remove dirt that can damage your carpet. 48" H x 14" W; Electrical: 120V, 60 Hz. Vacuum Motor: 1000 watt, 80" waterlift, 105 cfm.

Windsor® Versamatic® Plus Upright Vacuum - 14"

Convenient pull-out wand with handle, increased hose length, and on-board accessory tools increase efficiency of detail cleaning. Powerful 1,000 watt motor picks up more dirt in a single pass. Electronic control system maintains consistent motor speed and torque. 1000 watt, 80" waterlift, 105 cfm.  ea
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