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Liquid Floor Strippers


PRO-LINK® Synthetic Sports Stripper - 5 Gal.

Green certified, non-butyl heavy duty no-rinse stripper cuts through aged and built up finishes quickly. Does not "bleed" the floor surface (color). Low odor makes it great for use in occupied areas. Does not require labor intensive flood rinsing.

Alternate #B14120
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PRO-LINK® 1-2-20 Ultra Concentrated Stripper - Qt.

High power stripper with 64% active ingredients. Easy to use and train staff, just pour one quart into a 5 gallon bucket. Helps reduce maintenance costs. Low odor.

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Misty® Take Off RF Stripper - 5 Gal.

This heavy duty floor stripper is designed to remove even the most stubborn finishes while saving valuable floor maintenance dollars. Non-ammoniated, aggressive, rinse free. Has a dilution rate of up to 1:10 with water.

Alternate #B008125G
Add to Cart $111.77/EACH

Franklin Superscope® II Non-Ammoniated Stripper - 5 Gal.

A powerful non-ammoniated stripper for use in areas where ammonia odor is a problem. Diluted 1:8 will strip up to 4000 square feet.

Alternate #F209025
Add to Cart $55.57/EACH

Franklin Once Over™ Floor Stripper - Gal.

An excellent value no-rinse stripper. It penetrates through and suspends normal floor finish buildup for rinse free removal. Recommended Dilution: Normal (1:4), Extreme buildup (1:1).

Alternate #F200022
Add to Cart $102.62/CASE

Franklin Green Option Floor Stripper - 5 Gal. Cube

The Green Seal™ Certified floor stripper is a concentrated, low odor, non-butyl environmental preferable stripper. It quickly penetrates and emulsifies built up layers of floor finish for efficient removal by auto scrubber or rotary machine. Solvent free formulation eliminates offensive odors associated with traditional stripping formulas.

Alternate #F219025
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Franklin Offense™ Floor Stripper

Available in various sizes. Patented, fast acting no-rinse stripper is specially formulated to quickly penetrate and dissolve difficult to remove floor finish build-up. Recommended Dilution: Normal (1:4).

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Zep® Z-Tread Heavy-Duty Floor Stripper - Gal.

A low foaming stripper that uses chemical action to remove multiple layers of floor finish with minimal manual labor. Simply rinse or mop away residue. No phosphates or ammonia. Free rinsing.

Alternate #R03124
Add to Cart $90.33/CASE

NCL® Bare Bones No-Rinse/No-Scrub Liquifying Strip

This "true" no rinse stripper does not contain potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide, yet, is the fastest working liquifier on the market. Low foaming, no scrub and no rinse. A 55% active speed stripper that easily cuts through multi-layers of burnished floor finish.

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NCL® Bolt™ No-Rinse Speed Stripper

An ultra concentrated formula that quickly penetrates and removes even extreme floor finish build-up. Excellent wetting and slow drying features save time and labor. Compared to leading floor strippers Bolt™ is 2 to 4 times more active. It contains no caustics, and does not require a neutralizing flood rinse. Low odor. Low foaming makes cleanup easy with automatic scrubbers and wet-pick up vacuums.

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NCL® Flash Odorless/No-Rinse Speed Stripper

Available in various sizes. Odorless, fast acting stripper that rapidly penetrates & liquefies floor finish. 50+% active stripper product does not contain any harsh potassium hydroxide. Can be used with or without a floor machine. Does not contain any sodium hydroxide.

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NCL® Green Impact™ Earth Sense® Speed Stripper

A fast-acting speed stripper. This highly effective, odorless stripper removes Earth Sense® Aspire Metal-Free Floor Finish. This environmentally responsible formulation meets the Industrial and Institutional Floor Care Products Standard (GS-40) and has been certified by Green Seal. Non-toxic, non-flammable, non-caustic. No phosphates, no butyl, no NPE or APE surfactants, no free alkali, no added fragrances. Powerful, yet low odor formulation is excellent for use in healthcare facilities, nursing homes, any area where objectional odors present a problem. Super-concentrated formula for economical in-use dilution costs.

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Franklin Once Over™ Floor Stripper - 5 Gal. Pail

An excellent value no-rinse stripper. It penetrates through and suspends normal floor finish buildup for rinse free removal. Recommended Dilution: Normal (1:4), Extreme buildup (1:1).

Alternate #F200026
Add to Cart $111.14/EACH

PRO-LINK® Blaze Extra Heavy Duty No-Rinse Floor Stripper

Extra heavy duty no-rinse stripper. Pro-Link's most powerful stripper, ideal for the toughest stripping jobs. Fast acting non-ammoniated formula increases efficiency and saves labor. Quickly cuts through layers of finish and sealer build up. Does not require labor-intensive flood rinsing.

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PRO-LINK® Green Lightning™ Rinse Free Floor Stripper

An extremely low odor hard floor stripper, which means you can strip floors anywhere, anytime.

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