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Carpet Shampoo & Cleaners


PRO-LINK® Roto-Pro™ Rotary Carpet Shampoo - Gal.

High foaming, deep cleaning and excellent for restoration cleaning of carpets. Dries to a crystal powder for complete vacuuming. Excellent for dry foam or upholstery cleaning. Suitable for use on all carpets, including wool.

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Franklin Super Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo - Gal.

Highly concentrated shampoo designed for rotary and dry foam machine application. Leaves a residue that is easily vacuumed up. Recommended Dilution: Normal (1:50).

Alternate #F538022
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Windsor® iCapsol Encapsulating Chemical w/Protection -Gal.

Advanced polymertechnology lifts and encapsulates soil, spots and stains. Quickly dries to brittle flaky crystals that are easily vacuumed away. Economical 1:16 dilution rate; cleans larger areas. Dries in approximately 20 minutes.

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