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Sani-Professional® Wet-Nap® Moist Towelettes - 5" x 8"

Provide convenient clean-up without soap and water. Customers appreciate that one wipe can do the job. Convenient, single-use package. Fresh lemon scent. Gentle on face and hands. Contains no alcohol. Pre-moistened.

Alternate #D11055
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Sanfacon Droplet Winner Size Moist Towelette

Cleans and refreshes. Self-dries in seconds, leaves skin soft and smooth. Contains water, fragrance and soap. Individually wrapped for your safety. Lemon. 4" x 7".

Alternate #23803
Add to Cart $15.50/CASE

Inv Wrap Moist Twlt Re Lemon Wsmt Droplet 1m

Stylishly designed and individually wrapped for your convenience and protection. Formula cleans, refreshes, and dries in seconds, leaving skin soft and smooth. Wrapped in 2 x 2 packets, up to 4 x 7 unfolded. Droplet design. 1000 packets per case. 10 bags...

Alternate #SVA035807
Add to Cart $18.50/CASE