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Dust Mops


PRO-LINK® Standard Plus Launderable Dust Mops

Available in various sizes. Static pickup, mildew resistant, cut end construction, sewn construction. Half tie/half sleeve. Blue Backing/Blue Yarn. Synthetic backing and fibers.

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Rubbermaid® Trapper® Dust Mops

Looped-end, balanced blend dust mop for general purpose. Pre-treated, pre-shrunk and fully launderable for long product life. Slip-on backing for easy setup. Yellow.

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Golden Star® Infinity Twist® Dust Mop-36,Quick Change®

Patented Infinity Twist yarn wont fray or unravel. Effective for normal industrial use. Comes pre-laundered and ready to use. Strong synthetic backing lasts through mop life. Available in colors to easily identify assigned usages areas. Date coded to monitor product life. Launderable.

Alternate #AQC36IT
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PRO-LINK® Fusion™ Dust Mops

The Fusion dust mop features all the best qualities of microfiber yarn combined with other advantages offered by traditional dust mops. The Fusion features more than 50 times the amount of filament found in traditional mops, which help keep floors cleaner and enhances the overall performance of each dust mop. Engineered to aggressively collect dust, the Fusion filament fibers and looped ends allow for the pick-up of very small or micro particles that ordinary mops will leave behind. It is made with a looped end bottom and fringe yarn along with a sewn construction and increased durability for over 200 washings.

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PRO-LINK® Premium Launderable Dust Mops

Available in various sizes. Antimicrobial; mildew resistant. Pre-treated and pre-laundered. Loop end construction, sewn construction. Half tie/half sleeve. Green Backing/Green Yarn. Synthetic backing, blended fibers.

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PRO-LINK® Standard Launderable Dust Mop - 5 x 36, Blue

Available in various sizes. Pre-laundered, loop end construction, sewn construction. Half tie/half sleeve. Synthetic backing and fibers.

Alternate #D2536
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PRO-LINK® White Wedge Mop

Launderable, loop end construction. Synthetic backing and blended fibers. Sewn construction.

Alternate #DY408
Add to Cart $8.42/EA

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