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Food Service Degreaser


Genesan™ #9 EnzyFloor Biological Floor Degreaser - 5 L

A biological cleaner that degreases surfaces soiled with residues of grease, food proteins and dust. Septic system friendly. HMIS Health Rating: 1. Mop application: 1:128; Machine application: 1:64.

Alternate #GEN87
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Diversey Suma® Break-Up® Grease-Release Cleaner - Gal.

A neutral, solvent-free foaming degreaser for removing protein, fats, grease, oils, and other food soils in a food preparation environment. Do not use on painted surfaces. NSF A1, A8 Registered.

Alternate #904495
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Mr. Muscle® Fryer Boil-Out - 2 oz.

Low-foaming formula degreases/cleans food service fryers, while preventing boil over. Eliminates the need for neutralizing. Non-corrosive. Contains no phosphates. NSF A8 Registered.

Alternate #991209
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