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Fuel / Warmer Candles


(h)fuel Crtrdg 2hr Hi - 4hr Low 28

Lasts up to two hours on high setting, four hours on low/simmer in a portable stove. Notched collar locks cartridge into place. Odorant added for scent detection. Universal cartridge fits most butane stoves. 8-oz. cartridge. 28 cartridges per case.

Alternate #FHCF300
Add to Cart $102.75/CASE

Butane Stove Portable

Provides 9925 BTU per hour heat for light- to medium-duty cooking. Piezoelectric ignition produces instant flame with a twist of the knob—no matches or lighters needed. Knob adjusts flame height. Easy-to-clean porcelain drop pan. Durable plastic carrying...

Alternate #FHCF200
Add to Cart $41.87/EACH

Chafing Fuel Rfl 1gal 4

High heat output with consistent delivery. Exceeds and maintains the FDA minimum holding temperature of 140°F. 21/2-hour burn time. Nontoxic. 7-oz. can. 72 cans per case.For commercial refilling purposes only. 1-gallon can. 4 cans per case.

Alternate #FHCF925
Add to Cart $97.20/CASE

FancyHeat® Ethanol Red Gel Chafing Dish Fuel - 2.5 Hour

A safe non-toxic formula with optimum BTU output. Burns up to 20% longer than any of our competitors giving the customer consistent delivery when they need it.

Alternate #F900
Add to Cart $97.92/CASE

FancyHeat® Methanol Blue™ Chafing Fuel - 2.5 Hour

Designed for the foodservice industry. Providing maximum BTU output and a 2.5 hour burn.

Alternate #F800
Add to Cart $79.92/CASE