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Carpet Deodorizer


Arm & Hammer® Fabric & Carpet Foam Deodorizer - 15 oz.

Specially formulated with baking soda to break down and neutralize tough odors. It doesn't just cover them up. The foam disappears in minutes. Leaves surface dry and entire room with clean fresh scent. Leaves no residue.

Alternate #33200-84128
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Fresh Odor Out Rug & Room Deodorant - Bouquet

Available in Bouquet and Lemon. Eliminates carpet and room odors, freshens the entire area. Lightweight and non-abrasive. Safe for carpets and vacuums. Absorbs liquids on hard surfaces.

Alternate #12-14-00-B
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Carpet Fresh® Professional Room & Carpet Freshener - 20 oz

Eliminates even the strongest clinging and lingering odors to clean and refresh entire rooms. Use in public spaces, hotel rooms, offices, and automobiles. Just spray it on, no vacuuming! Quick drying foam disappears and dries under 5 minutes.

Alternate #280300
Add to Cart $103.10/CASE

CDC Odor-End® Multi-Purpose Powder

Fragrance with OCP™. The Odor End® OCP™ formulation is not a mask or cover up. It is an odor counteractant that selectively filters out a broad spectrum of malodors allowing only the pleasant odors to be perceived. This filtering effect eliminates perceived odor problems from the environment and replaces them with a fresh clean scent. More than just a carpet deodorizer. Ideal for use in trash cans, dumpsters, kennels and cigarette urns. Leaves carpets with that "just cleaned" scent all day. Eliminates static electricity. Water soluble, no caking, crystallization, solidification.

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PRO-LINK® Knock Out™ Water Soluble Deodorant

Versatile deodorant for carpets, upholstery, hard floors, restrooms, trash containers or wherever odors are a problem. High concentrated, may be added to most cleaning solutions. Powerful, long-lasting, concentrated enzyme-formulated water-soluble deodorants that digest the odor-causing source.

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