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Dusting Cloths


Chicopee® Masslinn® Heavy Duty Dust Cloth

Ideal for multi-purpose dusting applications. Made from 100% biodegradable viscose fibers, saturated with mineral. Strong and durable. Holds the smallest particles in treated fabric. Soft enough for delicate surfaces. Low linting.

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Chicopee® Chix® Stretch'n Dust® Towels

Ideal for multi-purpose dusting applications. Produced with an adhesive bond process, each towel contains a unique structure that, when stretched, increases the towel size while creating tiny pockets. These pockets grab and hold onto dust particles even at the micron level. Soft enough for delicate surfaces. Leaves no residue or lint behind.

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Chicopee® Stretch'n Dust® Light Duty Cloth -24 x 24

Stretchable technology in a lightweight fabric.

Alternate #8673
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HOSPECO® TASKBrand® Mineral Oil Treated Duster

Treated cloth becomes a dust magnet and traps dust. Leaves surfaces dust-free without the trouble and cost of sprays. Eliminates waxy buildup.

Alternate #DU-N1010
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MDI Classic® Dust Cloths

For efficient dust control at your fingertips. Soft enough for delicate finishes. Sturdy enough for rugged dusting. Mineral oil treated, so dust clings to cloth. Great for hand or mop use.

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GP Brawny Industrial® 1/8 Fold Yellow Dusting Cloths

Specially treated to attract dust for quick and easy dusting duties. These larger, economical yellow wipers are made from carded rayon material to provide excellent tensile strength for longer, more effective use, even when wet. For a cost-effective dusting solution, try our dusting cloths in the popular, space-saving, moisture-resistant poly packaging. Use dispenser: 54621.

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Wiping Cloth|cotton| 5lbs/cs

Lint-free washed white cotton knit cloths made from unused pre-consumer waste cloth, not paper. Made from 100% recycled pre-consumer textile materials. Product contains 100% total recovered material. Treated to increase absorbency. Excellent for dusting,...

Alternate #UNSN205CW05
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